Anchorage, Alaska Commercial Real Estate Over 30 Years of Commercial Property Experience and Knowlege

Why Invest In Anchorage?

Jeff Thon Real Estate Services Mission

We work for the best interest of our clients and we shall treat our clients property and/or money like it's our own.


Jeff has owned several successful business interests, commercial buildings, and leased properites for companies he has owned.  He understands your needs from a first hand perspective.


"The Anchorage econonmy continues to grow steadily.  Preliminary numbers indicate about 1,000 additional jobs were added to the Anchorage economy in 2013, a 0.6 percent overall increase.  Anchorage can expect more growth in 2014 with a forecast of 1,200 additional jobs."

AEDC 2014 Economic Forecast


  • Alaska continues to out perform the majority of the real estate markets.
  • Anchorage is the major business center for the entire state of Alaska, and houses approximately 50% of the state's population.
  • Anchorage has an unemployment rate of only 4.8% and has had positive job growth for 23 of the last 24 years.
  • Economic stability is one of the strongest in the country due to the state's natural resources, military bases, tourism, government hiring and an aggressive health-care expansion plan.
  • Anchorage is a pro business environment and has no sales tax, property transfer tax, or gross receipts tax and the state of Alaska has no capital gains tax or state income tax.
  • The port of Anchorage is one of the largest in the world, generating $750 Million per year in revenue and serves 80% of the states population.
  • There are two military facilities in the city which house approximately 23,000 personnel.
  • Office vacancy in Anchorage is only 5.91% and it is experiencing positive absorption.
  • Personal income in Alaska increased 2.2% in the last 12 months. 





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